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Hello everyone! I think most of you have read but not replied to the new website thing going on in the NBM google group. Mattia is being so kind and coding the website from nothing for his own training and experience. I do want to pay him but he did not accepted the money so now there is only one thing to pay, the host and the domain.

I am not going to bother you guys with the payments but we need a logo and a mascot now. Also some help with the layouts, buttons, skins, etc. SO WE NEED ARTISTS!

Anyway, I have created the topic for you guys to submit your posts if you have a logo or mascot available. You can also reply here to submit as well, I am reading here too. And if you want to help with the website, let me know.

The link to the forum topic:…

If you are not from the NBM community, ignore this Journal and have a good day. If you are, please check the topic no matter what and have an awesome day ;)

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Note from author: To avoid confusion, the diary is a video-log. The main character is talking to a camera like a friend, talking about the day he had.

Also, contains foot stuff. If you are disgusted by it, please don't read it.

Anyway, enjoy the story!

~ Dear Diary ~

Start video. It's on? Oh yeah. Ahem. Dear diary...

Today was the day, for my magic studies to pay off. Finally. Remember the girl I've told you about before? Reese. She was a friend from work and today I found out that she likes magic. It wasn't even hard to convince her to check out my collection. I'm so glad I have won her trust after all those years together.

Anyway, when she first came, she looked a bit odd. I could have sworn that she was anxious to try out some of my magical tools. Of course there was something she did not know back then. It wasn't the tools that made the magic...

She was perfect too, today. Casual, like I always adore. A blue sleeveless blouse and a pair of capri pants. With blue keds sneakers to match her outfit. She was so stunning that made me think I was too casual for her with my plain t-shirt and jeans...

Oh I remember all the things she said...

"I'm so glad you could make it today Reese, I just had a new item from the magic shop and I think you are going to love it." I said, nervously. Maybe it's because of the new sofa I have bought. I still don't feel comfortable with the blue. It doesn't go well with the color of my house... Why am I thinking this?

"Magic shop?" she was a bit confused with that tone. Have I never told her about that magic shop I buy my stuff from?

"Yeah there is a magic shop in the town where I buy my magic tools from. The old guy there get me this amazing card... You know what why don't I show you the trick?"

"A card trick? Seems like most magic shops just sell small stuff like that." She giggled after that comment. I knew she would be sceptical. She probably knew too much about the regular magic acts and probably thinks that she could catch any false cuts, double lifts or whatever that can be done with cards. Maybe I should trick her... No. It's too soon to reveal my magical studies.

"Oh, umm, no... Yes... I mean they have lots of small tricks as well as some big ones." I shuffled the deck while talking with her, trying to get her focus on me instead of the deck. "Okay, if you are ready, pick a card and don't show it to me." I did the cool fan thing for her to pick one.

"Allright." she picked one. Couldn't take my eyes off from her hands. Her skin... She was a very beautiful woman who took a great care of herself. She hold the card close to her face so that I can't see it. Then gave me a look behind it. "Okay we need to put the card somewhere random. So say stop when you feel like it." I dribbled the cards to my other hand. "Stop!" she stopped me and put the card on my other hand. I joined the deck together. "Okay at this point, I really lost the card in the deck. But magic is going to help us. Would you mind telling me the number of the card?"

"It was a Jack. Jack of Diamonds."

My face went red. "Ahem. Ummm... I thought I removed the face cards. I must've forgot." I started sweating. "Damn it, I failed." she started giggling after my failure. "I was always bad with card tricks."

"It's okay. You just need more practice, I guess."

"Yeah, maybe you are right. Anyway, forget about this stupid card trick. You ready to see real magic?" I said real but I didn't mean it. Well maybe I did. She doesn't know.

"Yes! You have more magic tricks?" she asked.

"Of course. Did you really think that I'd invite you here to show you a stupid card trick?" it wasn't a question.

"No." she said, jokingly.

I smiled. "Take my hand, sweetie." was it okay for me to call her that? Maybe it was too early to say it. Anyway, she did not seem to be bothered with it...

Even though I failed to do the card trick, she was still hopeful. I'm glad that I have failed it because it probably made her think that I suck at magic and maybe my trick was more thrilling for her. I don't know about it, diary. But I know that she was very fascinated by the trick I have showed... err... did on her.

Yes, it was my favourite. I probably talked about it before. The one with different combinations.

Oh, you should've seen her face when she... Well you cannot see her face but... Anyway, she was very skeptic about the tricks since they all look dull and classical. But...

"Want to try this one out?" I asked, hoping for an approval.

"Can I? I do hope that you know this trick better than that silly card trick!" she said. I'm glad the card trick made her more uncomfortable. It helps with the thrill. Oh maybe I'll talk about this tonight when I vlog again.

"Of course. Trust me Reese." I helped her in. The trick looked like classical sawing a woman in half. It had the boxes, the wheels. Some extensions on ends to stick assistant's head and feet out. Nothing new and innovative about the look.

"Are you comfortable in there?" I asked while locking the stocks on her feet. They are really tight and lock her ankles in place.

"It's snug, but not that uncomfortable." was the answer. It was allright. It's not a bed that you sleep in anyway. I added the head stock too, locking her neck in place.

She wiggled around a bit and then asked. "Umm. aren't I supposed to pull my legs in and curl up in the top box? I've seen how this worked on TV." I knew it. I knew she knew these tricks. Good thing this wasn't one of them. She didn't even asked why I didn't take off her sneakers. They do that on TV, don't they?

"Oh... No umm... This trick works automatically. Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do." I was reassuring her a bit.

"Automatically? Uh, okay then." she waited a bit. "I guess I'm ready then!"

She was not ready at all. She wasn't expecting that this trick would blow her mind. She was a great assistant though. Never backed out from anything. Even though I used the chainsaw to cut into her waist, she was quiet. Maybe she was so surprised that she can feel the metal, but not the pain.

It was pretty quick to cut her, divide her with COLD dividers... One of these days, I'll remember to warm them up... Err, where was I? Oh yeah, unlatch the tables, slide them next to each other. It's a pretty dull trick where you can see in every magic video, online. There are tons of stories that are written about it too. No need to talk about how it's done anymore. Let me get to the exciting part! Well it happened like...

"No way! Ok, what's going on now? This is freaky!" she was really freaking out. But still somewhat skeptical. "I can't really be sawn in half, can I?"

"I told you, the trick would work automatically." I tried to calm her down.

"Yeah, but you can't really saw someone in half, can you?"

"I don't know... Can you really?" I touched her ankle.

"Yikes! I felt that!" she screamed that one.

"Of course, they are yours."

"Bu... But... They're... They're suppoed to be over there." she tried to point towards her body, where her legs are supposed to be. Although when she wiggled them, she saw the feet next to her move as well.

I laughed at her disbelief. "Well, you still don't believe me?" I asked.

"It's not that easy to believe, you know... Though you've done a pretty good job of convincing me so far!" Can't believe I did. She still sounds very skeptical about it.

I tried to trick her. "Okay... Let me tell you something Reese. I can't do this anymore. You are not actually sawn in half."

"Whew! I knew there was a secret! So what is it? Fake robotic feet? Is there another guy to touch my skin when you did at the same time? Hello?" she was relieved to hear that it's not real. For a second.

I laughed. "There is nobody else in here, honey." I waited a bit for that to sink in. "Let me rephrase that sentence. You are not only sawn in half, because the trick is not over yet." her eyes grew big and she gulped. I brought a basked with a pillow in it. Then I placed it just below the end of the lower half box that contains her legs.

"Umm... What's that for?" she started to move her feet back and forth.

I explained. "You see, I got wheels installed on some of my other tricks to be able to craft this big stage act." I moved a buzz saw blade and aligned it to cut her ankles.

"Huh? What are you doing? Another saw?" I didn't reply. I wanted to scare her a little bit. Then I unlatched the extension on the end, so that her feet have nothing to stand on. The saw's way is open now.

"Wha... You're sawing my feet off?". With that question, her ankles tensed up. She still doesn't look like she believes that those are hers.

I started the saw and slowly moved it downwards. As I went further, I saw her frightened face, watching the feet being cut. The saw made its way to her ankles and cut them. As they are cut, the feet bent down and when the saw reached the bottom, they dropped down on the pillow.

A moment of silence has passed, which got broken by her words. "Those... Those can't really be my feet, can they?"

"They still have the same shoes you wore today, right?" I replied.

"Yeah but... Those are pretty common shoes..."

"You felt the saw, didn't you?" I tried to break through her skepticism.

"I'm really in this one box, aren't I?" she started feeling more helpless.

"Of course. After all, the trick is not over yet!"

"What do you mean by... What?"

I pick her both feet up and place them on top of the lower half box, standing on their own. Then I moved the basket beneath her head.

"Why are you putting that basked under my head?" she stopped talking calmly, "This IS a rhetorical question!"

"Because it's a part of this trick, honey." I unlatched the extension while saying that, leaving her head on air. Then I moved my guillotine illusion for her to enjoy. I removed the stock on it so that it can attach to any other stock. And the stock I used to lock her neck in had a guillotine slot in it. I'm glad she didn't notice that.

"You're going to cut my head off now, aren't you?" she said it so hopeless that you can feel the situation being her last moments in this world.

"Yes." I said, while releasing the blade.

I felt bad after that, man. She passed out. I shouldn't have scared her this much. She said it was the best moments of her life, when it was over. So, I guess it was a necessary behaviour for this kind of experience. Anyway, I moved her head to a more comfortable place, and by that I mean a chair nearby, and then waited for her to wake up. When she did, she was giggling a bit uneasily, but then said she loved it. She believed I could do real magic and then we had a lot of fun after that.

I have lots of tricks man. I levitated her head, it was kind of boring, but she was amazed by it. She didn't want to be put back together, said the cuts actually are enjoyable, like a massage. Anyway, after a while I did put her back together. But before that...

"Thank goodness you're better at these than that silly card trick you did." she giggled.

"Well, everyone starts with card tricks, that's why they're so basic. I started with the cuts. That's why I'm good at them." I laughed. Maybe I shouldn't have. I sounded like a dork. "It's time to put you back together, honey."

"Oh, already? Okay..." she was only a talking head anyway. Still, she was playing it well.

I moved the tables back together, removed the dividers. "This time, please tell me you felt that."

She moaned. "Yes... I did feel them."

I smiled at her. Then I picked her feet up and put them next to her head. "I liked your shoes."

"Thanks! You know it feels weird that they get carried around while my body is still lying down."

"The weird feeling will end soon, honey. Don't you worry."

"Oh, I'm not worried..."

I opened the boxes to help her out. She lifted one leg up to do some of those real assistants moves. But without her feet, they looked very stubby. Don't get me wrong, she had perfect legs. Legs to fall for.

I laughed at her attempt. Her arms came out and her hands fumbled around to find the edge of the table. I helped her out of course. She was like a very drunk girl, trying to find the keys that are sitting on the table in front of her. She managed to get her body to sit on the end of the table, legs dangling on the edge. Then she touched her neck stump with both hands, trying to feel it. "Weird huh?" I ask.

"Extremely! I can't believe that's really me! I mean that headless body over there."

"That's really you honey. At least a part of you." I tried to be more reassuring, since the trick is over. "Now let's put you where you belong, honey." I picked her head up and then aligned it with her neck stump. After a bit of pushing down and her moans, her head reattached. She rotated it around and felt her neck.

"Finally I can look around! Wow. That's all it takes to put me back together?" she asked.

"Yeah. As quickly I can cut, I can restore." I replied with a broken sentence.

"Just when I was starting to really like having it cut off!" she giggled.

"Are you t... I mean... If you like it this much, we can do more like it in the future." I said.

"I hope so! That was so weird. I loved it!" she replied.

"Want to go back to the living room? I got some leftover dessert from yesterday and we can order some pizz..." I was saying while grabbing her hand to make her move...

"Aren't you forgetting something, honey?" she said, interrupting me.

"Umm? What?" I looked at her like I am a 5 years old, know nothing. Like Jon Snow.

She swinged her legs back and forth, kicking me with her leg, that's missing something on it. "OH RIGHT!" I shouted unnecessarily. Then quickly I moved back to the chair to pick her feet up. Stunned by their look as I am a "foot-guy". Even though they were encased with her shoes...

Seeing me smitten by the look of them, she giggled. "You seem to be enjoying that bit of magic over there." I didn't hear that. At least not in that moment. After my slow as a snail brain has processed the voice, I replied to her. "Umm. Yeah." then I went full red. I was very emberassed about it. Quickly grabbed them and then returned to her to restore her full shape. But she stopped me...

"No need to be so quick."

"But you can't walk without them."

"Why don't you carry me, then?" she asked, in a very sexually appealing tone.

After those moments, we... Got intimate. I never knew she liked me. I guess that was the reason she came to see my tricks. She is fascinated by magic, that is true. But she is also fascinated by me. Yes, this does mean that she is not just my work friend anymore.

Anyway, I should get back to bed. She might wake up. I'll see you tomorrow, diary. End video.

I wave something at the camera, to say goodbye. It looks like a detached part of somebody from afar...
Dear Diary
Another story, yay!

I tried a different concept this time. It starts as a vlogging person, talking to the camera. Then, we switch to that moment. Like a flashback in movies. Hope this helps you understand/imagine it better.

This story was a roleplay between me and a lovely partner. I did proof read it once, but you know how my English is, so don't bash me because of it. My native language is not English so it might have some grammar mistakes as well. Please kindly warn me so that I can fix them. Thanks!

Hope you all enjoy it.

A quick reminder: It has magic theme, and some foot fetish stuff. If you don't like the theme of it, you have the option to not read it. If you don't like a part of it, simply copy the text, paste it into another text editor, change the things you want and voila! You'll have your better version of it. Just kidding. Seriously though, I'm open for criticisms as long as they are logical.

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