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Hello everyone! I think most of you have read but not replied to the new website thing going on in the NBM google group. Mattia is being so kind and coding the website from nothing for his own training and experience. I do want to pay him but he did not accepted the money so now there is only one thing to pay, the host and the domain.

I am not going to bother you guys with the payments but we need a logo and a mascot now. Also some help with the layouts, buttons, skins, etc. SO WE NEED ARTISTS!

Anyway, I have created the topic for you guys to submit your posts if you have a logo or mascot available. You can also reply here to submit as well, I am reading here too. And if you want to help with the website, let me know.

The link to the forum topic:…

If you are not from the NBM community, ignore this Journal and have a good day. If you are, please check the topic no matter what and have an awesome day ;)

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I wish there are some generous people who likes my work and donate me in return :aww: I don't think people check my page everytime but it is still worth to try :aww:

I really need a premium membership.

Will give llama badges in return.

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WARNING: Contains +18 content and some foot fetish stuff you might find disturbing...

I have known Alyson for almost 5 years. She and I shared some weird kinks that made us very, very close friends. We were not dating, but we didn't mind of any plesures that one of us can give to the  other. We tried a lot of things together, what made us jump, what turns us on, etc. She was even okay with my unreal magical abilities.

I liked how we are connected. So I asked her to meet up because I was so close to where she lived when I'm on tour with magic show I've been doing. She asked if she could bring any friend, I said yes.

On that day, I was waiting for Alyson and her friend to come by the cafe I was waiting in, I got bored and started playing with the knife on the table. I tried sinking it into my hand while making sure that noone is watching. I always fascinated by magic and that is why I have learned the "real magic" from masters. After a long wait, I saw her and her friend walking by. I got up to greet them.

"Hey Alyson! It's been a while." I forgot how beautiful she was and how good she chooses what she wears. She was wearing a black skirt and red silk blouse. Nylons on her legs and as shoes, my favourite, velvet stilettos. It's not hard to guess that she wore all of that to seduce me. She's a tease.

"Hey Mike. I know it has been, you were busy with your stuff and I was busy with mine, I'm so glad we could meet up like this." she sounded very excited to see me as well.

"Me too dear. So who's your friend?" I looked at her. She looked as beautiful as Alyson. A blonde version of Alyson I could say. She was wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of denim capri pants, that come down just past her knees, white ankle socks and sneakers. Her bare legs looked very soft and just a little bit tanned.

"Oh yeah, Mike, this is Grace. Grace, this is Mike."

"Nice to meet you Grace." All of us sit down and ordered some food. Alyson was teasing me with her footsie under the table all the time. She knew all about me. After we talked like half an hour, Alyson asked me for a foot massage. Grace looked like she knew what is going on and went with it. I accepted it and lifted her feet on my lap. Though, I was slightly emberassed because of her friend watching.

"Will Grace watch while I give you a massage? I can't focus on talking while massaging, I'm a bad multi-tasker." My emberassment probably have reflected on my face because Grace noticed how red my face become.

"Mike, relax. I know about your fetish." Alyson wiggled her feet in my lap while Grace was telling me this. "Alyson told me a bit about you."

"Now that's a bit of relief." I smiled at her.

"Nothing to be ashamed of." I was really surprised how she was completely okay with a guy holding her friend's feet in public. "Alyson has a foot fetish as well, so I am a bit used to it."

I was not expecting that answer. I didn't know that Alyson was doing stuff with her friends too. "Oh... I didn't know..." was all I could say. "I was just curious." Grace said, giggling.

"Sometimes we play a little footsie." said Alyson. Just to tease me more. I knew it. She brought her friend to tease me more. This idea made me take a glance at Grace's sneakers and wonder how her feet looked like. She saw me looking down and lifted her leg up.

"Oh Grace, please don't... I have enough things to handle already." I said, looking at Alyson's feet on my lap. "She told you about my abilities then, did she?" I asked in emberassment. I didn't like people knowing about my abilities. I wanted to keep them as secret as possible so that people won't be freightened of me.

"Umm... No. She didn't mention any ability. I just know about the foot fetish." I was surprised. Did Alyson planned all of this?

"Oh... You don't know? I am a magician and I was on tour." And then I started talking about myself. I told them how it all started, how I become a magician, how things work in this industry, etc. But I never told Grace I could do real magic. Alyson knew about it of course. So I asked her to do a demonstration.

"May I Alsyon?" She did not reply. She just nodded and smiled, knowing what I would do next.

I picked the knife I was playing earlier up and then I carefully aligned it few inches above Alyson's right ankle. Grace was very curious about it, she just watched the knife sink into her leg with her mouth open. Alyson moaned until the cut is completed. Blade went through like it was cutting through butter. A few moments later, Alyson's nylon covered right foot dropped free from her leg. Grace's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open.

"Ta-da!" I grabbed Alyson's foot and carefully made it stand on its own on the table. Alyson wiggled her toes to tease me a bit more.

"Did you like my ability Grace?" I asked. But she didn't reply with words. She just nodded in amazement. She was stunned. I can't blame her. It was an alive disembodied foot resting on top of our table and to add more, it was her best friend's foot.

I grabbed the foot and kissed it from the back of its ankle. "Heheh, I'm a dirty magician that does tricks for his own plesure." Alyson nodded in agreement and laughed.

"As you can see Grace, the cut is completely covered by nylons since she was wearing nylons." I showed her the cut surface and pinched the nylons on top a little bit. It looked like her foot was completely encased with nylons. "And of course, like all magic tricks, this is completely reversible!" With that being said, I grabbed the foot and pushed it into her footless leg. The foot sticked into the leg and the cut line faded away as if it has never cut. Alyson moaned with the reattachment.

"Ta-da! Again?" I grabbed her leg and lift it up so that we can show it to surprised Grace. Alyson went with it and wiggled her foot.

"So, what do you think? You haven't said anything except that surprised mumbling."

"It's... It's hard to say much when seeing something like that..." She sound very excited. "... unless I also try it myself." I wasn't ready for that. My pulse grew faster and I got very surprised.

"Are you sure? We barely know each other. You know I have this thing..." She hushed me. "That looked so cool. I want to try... I want you to try..." As my pulse grew even faster, I have managed to say few words. "Allright, Alyson dear can you lower your legs so that I can hold your friends'? And Grace, remove your sneakers please." That sounded rude. Or is it? I didn't know, I couldn't know. There were a lot of blood rushing through my brain.

She started untying her shoes and slipped them off, exposing a beautiful shaped feet under those white ankle socks and then lifted them on my lap. "Left or right?" I asked. She replied with wiggling her right foot. That move made me so crazy that my pants had hard time constraining my manhood. It suddenly became a hard bulge on my pants. "Oh wow... You really like this..." she said, while lightly rubbing the bulge with her left foot.

I couldn't even say anything. I just grabbed the knife and while feeling her amazingly soft skin, I pushed the knife an inch above her right ankle. I breathed once and then pushed it along her leg. She moaned while the knife was slowly slicing through her. I grabbed her foot and lifted it up when the cut is completed and then gave it to her so that she could inspect closer. I was speechless.

I couldn't resist. As she was too busy inspecting her foot, I quickly sliced her other one while she was wiggling her toes, without even asking. Then I started feeling the skin, socks, started massaging it.

"Oh my god! You thief!" She giggled. "Lucky for you, it feels pretty good and you are very good at massaging."

"I'm sorry! I couldn't resist!" I replied. She smiled. I gently removed her sock to expose her perfect shaped toes with red polish on them. Both girls were watching me massaging it, and also adoring it.

"You would like to have them back, don't you?" I asked with a sad tone.

"Unfortunately for you, yes. I need something to walk."

"What if I give you a cane or something?"

"Mike." Alyson warned me with her tone. "Okay, I was kidding!" We all laughed a bit about it. Then I reattached her feet like I did with Alyson and put her sock on. She slipped on her shoes again with me watching all the way.

"I liked your feet Grace."

"Thank you!" She said, with a cute blushing face.

After some weird moments between us, we have sit there for an hour or so, chit chatting. After that I looked at the time and realised I need to get going.

"Girls, I'll have to leave now. I need to do some rehearsals before my show tonight. Oh that reminds me, will you be there tonight?"

Both agreed.

"Nice to meet you Grace. And take care Alyson. See you tonight!"

And that night, Grace was my only volunteer.
A Complicated Friendship
This was a roleplay between me and a lovely friend of mine. I decided to make a story out of it. May contain things that can disturb you. I did proof read it once but you know how my English is, so don't bash me because of it. My native language is not English so it might have some grammar mistakes as well. Please kindly warn me so that I can fix them. Thanks!

Also this is the first long story I have ever written. I am not a writer, but I like reading stories. Which is hard to find these days. All of the good old story writers out there are missing or don't have any time. It is our job to provide good content now, so do it for the community.

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